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Finding an auto shop with good reviews is paramount because it provides assurance, peace of mind and first hand testimonials of customers entrusting their vehicles to professionals. Reviews offer invaluable insights into the quality of service, expertise of the staff, and overall customer experience, helping individuals make informed decisions about where to take their cars for maintenance and repairs. Positive reviews often highlight aspects such as excellent customer service, transparent pricing, and reliable workmanship, indicating that the shop is trustworthy and capable of delivering satisfactory results. Conversely, negative reviews can serve as red flags, warning potential customers of subpar service, unprofessionalism, or dishonest practices. By prioritizing auto shops with good reviews, customers can minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises and ensure that their vehicles are in capable hands, ultimately leading to a more positive and stress-free automotive service experience.

We have a 5/5 star Yelp and google reviews. See what people are saying about us!

"Top-notch service and communication from this place. I purchased a Golf R earlier this year and finding a specialist shop to take care of my vehicle was a priority. I went with AU tuning due to their years in this business and the work they put into VW and Audi vehicles.

Starting with communication, this place communicates highly efficiently. While emailing Raz and Nick, whether for maintenance, fixing an issue, or even finding me the parts I want. Their communication skills never missed a beat.

I had them complete the 30k service on my Golf R here and I really liked that they took their time to document everything, at the end I got pictures confirming all the work they did and even pictures confirming the transmission leak from previous paperwork I received.

I recently got a Remus exhaust installed here and they worked with me to get the parts from their suppliers.

With confidence, I can say this is my home shop for my Golf R and I wanted to thank the team over at AU Tuning for all of the work they put in."


"Absolutely hands-down the best mechanic in town! Kudos to Raz and Dave for taking care of my car for all these years.

This review is long overdue, I've been coming to this mechanic shop for many many years. Starting probably close to 10 years ago with my Porsche. Then after I traded that car in I got an Audi which I continued to bring in to Raz. I am glad that they moved to North County from Lake Forest. Their new shop is humongous, and very nice.

Over the years they have fix numerous problems on my German imports. Their prices are very reasonable, and they do high-quality work, and they test everything they do multiple times to ensure that their repairs was done correctly and your car is reliable. I trust them 100%. They can fix even the most difficult issues. I had my back up camera that stopped working, I took it first to an audio video accessory place and they troubleshoot it for a long time and couldn't find the problem. Raz and Dave Took their time and really dug in deeper to diagnose the problem. And didn't even charge me an arm and a leg to fix it. Now my back up camera is working again which made me super happy.

Also these guys are super Duper knowledgeable and they can fix basically everything. And of course they're super Duper honest and always try to help the customer save money!

Major kudos, and highly recommend!"


"These guys are incredible. I have been going to Raz and Dave at AU Tuning for over a decade, through multiple cars starting back when I was a teenager coming in with a limp-mode 20th AE GTI to now. They were total pros and knew exactly what was wrong getting me back on the road same day. It's extremely rare to find a shop who's owners are still hands-on and maintain their legacy of professionalism and quality through their exponential growth and notoriety over the years.

For years I have been recommending AU Tuning to my friends and family and stand by the quality of work they do to a near-religious extent. The shop has moved and so have I over the years, but I still take a 2 hour round trip specifically to continue going here. I have moved into many different platforms from B5 S4s, JCW Mini's, Porsche's, Mercedes' and now my Supercharged Mustang, and they still find ways to take care of me no matter the car.

Joe has been taking care of my Mustang and knows the platform just as well as any of the V.A.G. cars they typically work on. Joe has been incredibly knowledgeable and services my car with fantastic attention to detail, keeping me updated every step of the way. I especially appreciate the SitRep he gives me on the car as it's a heavily modified track car and he genuinely wants to make sure it's at 110% every time it passes through his hands.

I can't praise or thank these guys enough, and look forward to the next 10+ years of working together!


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